Saturday, June 15, 2013




Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived Frankfurt International Airport around 7am (time in Germany). Manaf asked his friend to be our personal ‘tour guide’. ^_^ 

Then we went to Frankfurt Main Station by train to meet Dr. Eko. He brought us all to have breakfast at one of sandwich stall. The breads are so hard to chew but luckily I could finished it all as I am so hungry at that time. After finished eating, we strolled around Frankfurt for about 2 hours plus. 

We took 2 trains , a bus and a taxi to reached our House D in Ilmenau. Fuh! We did struggle a lot to transfer our luggage train by train. Alhamdulillah the people there help us but not all of them. Some of them just ignore us. I was touched by an old man aged around 50++ willing to help us to get the our bags out from the train one by one.  For another train we were helped by a handsome young man (hehe). There were a lots of man outside the train only him willing to help us. But when it comes to manaf, they just let him handle his bags himself. Hahahaha 
Due to lack of energy, we dozed off after we reached our hostel. 

 That is all from now

May Allah Bless Us All

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