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 Es ist funf uhr funfungfunfzwig vormittags.  (^_^) it is 5:55 am in Germany but it looks like 8 am in Malaysia.  The sunrise is around 4.30am plus2, that’s why although it is 5 am, it’s look like 8am in Malaysia. So heute gonna be the first day of our class. *feeling nervous*

Although im in ilmenau, yet I still listening to olmana olmana. Haha I have not go through today yet, so let me share some experience I gained for these 2 days living here. Malaysian people who travel to country like this always said that their toilets were sooo clean that we can sleep on the floor but in Malaysia, the toilets were so dirty that you won’t be a able to step in in certain toilets. Huhu

And for somehow, I think we can have a clean floor like them if we diminish the water pipe but provide them a bottle to refill water. So we won’t have excess water flow and dirty toilet as the ‘toilet-er’ (new words from Aqilah’s dictionary) will use the amount of water wisely and would not spill it on the floor. Thus we won’t have a dirty floor due to wet floor which will be easily become dirty when we step on it using our dirty shoes.  Now please count how many word dirty have I used? Hehe

Oh ya, before this my friend who was studying in Australia told me that her hostel mix the boys and girls in one hostel. So they also going to share the bathroom. And I am experiencing it right now. It is quite ‘renyah’ (difficult) at first but Allah provides us with ‘akal’ (ability to think) so I already found few ways to handle this problem.  For your information the bathroom wall is 85% transparent and couldn’t be locked. Dush dush!!!  So yes or no, I need to wear ‘kain batik’ while bathing. Then I need to hang clothes around the wall to make my personal bathroom curtain. The last thing which is so important is ‘doa’ for safety. Only Allah can provide us safety so pray and ask for his protection is a must in doing everything in our life. 



It is 2.29am in Malaysia but 8.30pm in Germany. Sun still have few distances before disappearing itself again. We went out at about 8.45pm to meet Junaid (the person in-charge to handle us here). We need to bring with us a pillow with quite a huge size, comforter, and blanket to return them at another building, House A. So and again we becoming an attractive object here as people were looking at us, wondering what the fish were we doing with all of those things. :p

We went to the office, the place to return all these things, but the person that we need to meet wasn’t there so we just leave it at Junaid’s place and he will help to return them later.
The ‘special’ part that I really ‘’’like’’’ here is we need to walk (faster) to our faculty which the distance is about from  from Kolej Perdana to FKBSK old building – p23. Huhu

Then we went to Netto, one of small super-market near our house and did some shopping which cost me and ain 13,69 euro. Please multiply 4.17 to convert it in Ringgit Malaysia. huhu  There were lots of interesting goods  but I need to carefully choose by checking at their ingredient. So the famous words that need to be known in deutsch were pork and alcohol. I haven’t remember them yet but I’ll soon. 
The supermarket there require us to bring our own bag, they will cost us 20$ per each plastic bag. Alhamdulillah, I did bring my own shopping bag from Malaysia. Hehe and it quite huge too. BUT I’ll need a lots of energy to bring them home after shopping plus I am living in 4th floor. T_T

Junaid’s friend volunteered to show us the city but I was too tired then I refused to go. Then I spent my evening sleeping from 3pm till 7pm. At last I could sleep without feeling rushing to wake up for some event. Due to changing time of solat, I could not decide when to sleep and when to be awake. As isyak time is around 11.38pm, hence I will feel asleep a wake up after isyak is over as subuh time is around 2.45am. T_T now is already 11.15pm, need to wait 30minutes before go to bed. Huhu so sleepy… <>_<>

Oh ya, before I end my writing, we ate nasi goring serunding for dinner. It is ‘lecker’ for me (*delicious*) but for others member I don’t know. Haha

-sambal mama (masak blended cili kering,bawang, minyak, garam)
-nasi putih of course
Steps ;
1)      Panaskan sambal mama, then bila dah percik2 tu, masukkan telur.
2)      Kacau2 sampai telur masak t
3)      Masukkan nasi dan kacau2 lagi
4)      Tambah kicap dan kacau2 lagi
5)      Tambah serunding dan kacau2 dan bila dah Nampak macam dah masak bleh tutup api.
6)      Lapik lantai dengan surat khabar atau kain
7)      Letakkan kuali/pan tadi dan makan ramai2. (^_^)

Ok, that’s all from  now.

May Allah Bless Us All. :*


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