Sunday, June 16, 2013



The solat time here are so different with Malaysia.

Subuh   -   2.44 am plus minus
Zohor    -   1.18 pm plus minus
Asar       -  5.39 pm plus minus
Magrib  -  9.32 pm plus minus
Isyak      -  11.38 pm plus minus   

There is only 3 hours gap between isyak and subuh, and 2 hours gap between magrib and isyak which is difficult for me to handle as I will fall asleep after magrib and wake up when it is subuh time already. T_T so I need to sleep around 12pm and be awake at 3 am.  Huhu

Ok, for today activity, we had breakfast at my place when amalina came with milk, bread and  nutella-to-be. After breakfast, we strolled around the place at 10am. The temperature was 11 degree celcius although the sunlight was direct on us. We ate lunch at an asia restaurant and before went back to our hostel we stop to eat icecream at one of icecream café there. I couldn’t help myself and ordered kaffee icecream. Hehe but I think I can make it myself as they just pour in coffee into a glass, add in vanilla icecream and cream. That’s 
 all.. so easy!! And it cost me 3euro. Hahaha

At 3pm, amalina went back to her place. I forgot the place’s name as it was so difficult to pronounce it. After meeting with some of people here, I guess it is better for us to learn and be able to speak deutsch because most of people here cannot speak English. Dush dush!!!

That is all from now

May Allah Bless Us All (^_^)

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