Friday, June 14, 2013




Alhamdulillah, finally the day has come. Me and family went out from home at 3.00pm and arrived KLIA around 6.30pm. (Although the departure time is  11.59pm but it is better arrive early so that we won’t have risk to miss the flight).

I never knew that the KLIA are soooooo hi-tech. I felt like in a movie when we need to take a train to go the KLIA terminal 2. :O ok, I know aku ni jakun skit kan, tp mmg terkejut gak la. Huhu
Then we leisure around and TADA!!!  I found my ‘dunya paradise’… and I couldn’t help but bought a large caramel iced blended coffee for myself. Hoho

I had tried to finish up my coffee but then they announced that passenger for Germany can check in through the gate. Aiseyman, nak tak nak terpaksal korbankan encik kopi sayang… surprisingly there were pilots behind us and the capten said I just can take the coffee with me… however the ‘abg guard’ was too eager to throw my coffee into the rubbish bin so I just tell him to throw it. *dalam hati CISSS!!!!!!!!!!*  actually I didn’t hear what the capten had said but my razlin told me that he allow me to bring in the coffee but it is too late. T_T  (there is another ‘happy’ thing that happen but please refer to Razlin blog or ask her yourself. Hehe

Lepas tu dalam plane memang awesome la. I can watch movies, play MP3, games etc and all of them provided by MAS airplane. The foods provided are also delicious!! Happy happy!!

That’s all from now… ^_^

-MABUL-May Allah Bless Us All

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