Tuesday, June 18, 2013




For today, we had a brief meeting with Prof _____. He introduced our supervisor and also given us our topic. As for me, I have a slight changes from my previous topic which is “Cornea Image Analysis” to “Measurement of retinal straylight”.

It is quite funny at first as I did not heard clearly what he said and I thought my topic is measurement of retinal straigtlight, because the pronunciation for both of them are quite a same for me. XD As I went back to my room and checking on my topic that I realized I had misunderstood my topic. =,=

My topic is a new topic which cannot be search randomly in internet or other places (that is what he said). So frankly, I feel very nervous and afraid I could not carry out my task well enough. My supervisor ( Stefhen Srcamm) said that he had been doing this researched for about 4-5 years. And it isn’t work really well yet. And he did said he is lucky to have someone to help him now. Dush Dush!!  I already feel the stress now. So I really need to do lots of reading on this topic so that the upcoming Thursday I will have a confident to discuss with him about out topic.

He won’t be around for tomorrow so we are going to see each other again this Thursday. I guess I don’t need to update my log  book for tomorrow isn’t it? XD

That is all from now

May Allah Bless Us All

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